Regenerative Farm Course Testimonials

Aug 31, 2023

At the end of every course, we solicit anonymous feedback from students. Here’s some of what they had to say:


“The course was great. Loved the food, camaraderie, and presenters. Meeting and hearing other peoples’s stories was powerful. I learned so many things that I didn’t expect. I’m glad there were so many examples given of permaculture designs, orchard systems, silvopasture, and grazing. It made the concepts REAL for me to visit Mastodon Valley Farm. Thank you for arranging all this. You did fantastic!”


“Thanks to Peter and Maureen for opening your lives to us. Very helpful to have someone with a lot of experience but is still working and improving their system.”


“The course was a deluge of information, education, process/resource sharing, and excitement. Course instructors could simultaneously shotgun blast broad-stroke ideas at a target and answer pinpoint questions about specific ideas. This was extremely helpful and was a constant reminder that “paint by numbers” doesn’t work in ecology or community.”


“Peter has guts. I think this shows. The presentations he gave drew on so many different aspects of life and existence that his knowledge of ecological interactions shined.”


“Great contrast/variance between field trip sites. Loved the way my mind could synthesize the different scales, ages, models, etc. and end with a great perspective and plan for what would/would not work for my application.”



“Great course leadership. Peter and Maureen were a wonderful example of cooperation. Enjoyed Peter’s writings on ecology, stories, and humor. Lindsay has amazing people skills and I enjoyed seeing her past projects and thorough understanding of the core principles.”


“I liked the flow of lectures, meals, breaks, and field trips. It didn’t feel rushed – I felt like I had time to process.”


“I loved being allowed to help with chores!”


“I loved so many things about the course! The content was fantastic and the order in which it was presented built knowledge in a logical way. The pace was perfect, allowing plenty of time to process information with peers. I LOVED having such a strong presence, too, from female leaders like Lindsay, Eliza, and Maureen. Lodging was wonderful. Great group of people, too.”


“Peter’s enthusiasm for the PDC topics shined and his experience as a teacher made the class move very smoothly. Peter and Maureen can speak strongly from a place of truth, too, since they’re making this permaculture thing work for them in real life. It is delightful to see both of them working together with joy to make this PDC happen.”


“Lindsay is a powerful female voice that is strongly needed in the permaculture anregenerative agriculture movement. It was so important for her to bring the social side of this to us. I am deeply inspired! “


“Loved Maureen’s food!!!”


“Peter and Lindsay kept it real – clear, concise, lots of real world and experimental knowledge.”


“I liked the immersive format. The instructors are engaging, entertaining, and really really smart. I felt like I was learning from the experts. So glad I chose this course.” Thanks for not bullshitting us!”



“Very impressive, very professional, and extremely useful course for my own planning. Selection of topics was good, and designing for my own property was very useful. Hands on work was great. Thanks for all your work!”_MG_0202.jpg


“Everything worked great. I loved the progression from the 30,000’, theoretical view to the practical and hands-on. Loved the diversity of opinion and practice, loved the generally get-shit-done approach to everything. Loved the density of classes and activities.”


“It was great to see Lindsay’s comprehensive designs. She is an energizing speaker and I appreciated the depth and breadth of her plant species knowledge and sharing her client’s diverse approaches.”


“I appreciated learning about the theory, methods, and science underlying permaculture and Peter is an excellent teacher – not too esoteric, very clear and open to questions. What was impressive was Peter’s ability to switch from hands-on to theory so well.”


“I loved Peter’s broad, big picture context, weaving together brain science, culture, history, and ecology with the permaculture principals.”


“Great Course! I liked the balance of classroom, outside, field trip, and time to mingle. Great food. Worth the money for sure and I”m going to be recommending it to everyone I talk to.”


“I enjoyed witnessing Peter’s intelligence paired with passion and hard work. He is an example to follow. Lindsay’s communication skills are top notch. Hearing lessons from her experiences and vision for a greater physical and social landscape are inspiring. Thank you!”


“I’m extremely pleased with my choice of PDC. It was worth every minute and every penny. I will recommend this course to anyone and everyone!”


“The presenters as a whole worked incredibly well together. I enjoyed how they challenged each other in a respectful way. I also appreciated that they were willing to share deeper, honest truths about themselves and the permaculture community in general.”

 IMG_3149 copy.jpg

“Lindsay brought a critical element to the course. The social permaculture presentation was essential for my evolution and I can tell that Lindsay is and expert on the topic and enjoys sharing her experiences.”


“Very well run course with good information, good facilities, and good facilitation. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

“Peter is excellent at communicating complex ideas and is great at making things human and gentle. Lindsay did a great job of balancing out ideas with real world examples. Her graceful presence filled in many missing pieces.”


“This course is very well structured. I’m very satisfied. It was definitely worth the investment, and I definitely would recommend it to others. Peter and Lindsay work well together combining their knowledge and resources. I can’t imagine finding a better permaculture course.”


“I love how diverse, integrated, and holistic the material was. It was absolutely worth my time and money and I will recommend the course to others. I have a lot of respect of rate expertise of the teachers. It was a lot of fun and great food. This course was just perfect for me where I’m at in my life. I’m now more knowledgable, connected, and motivated to make permaculture happen.

“This course was invaluable and this experience will guide me to achieve all the teams I’ve imagined and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in the reality of farming and homesteading.”


“Peter was insightful and inspiring. His honesty made the “permaculture dream” lifestyle become a reality for me. He explained the true hardships and rewards of this lifestyle.”


“Peter and Lindsay did a fantastic job. Presentations were well organized, thoughtful, and honest. It was very valuable for me to hear your honest thoughts about the current state of permaculture. Taken as a whole, I feel like I was given a very solid, well balanced, practical foundation. Thank you all very much for putting your heart in to the material.”


“Lindsay’s enthusiasm is contagious. Loved her passion for bridging conventional and regenerative agriculture as well as design-implementation.”

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