Let us guide you through the process of creating a successful design for your Regenerative Farm and Homestead

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We will guide you through the critical steps necessary to create a successful Regenerative Design

  • Define Your Context
  • Learn Your Ecology and Markets
  • Choose Your Enterprises

Once you've completed these steps you'll be ready to embark on your Regenerative Journey!

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We Designed This Course For:


Aspiring Farmers

Are you dreaming of starting a farm that can provide healthy food for your community, heal the land, and pay the bills? We're here to help you discover your sweet spot - where your skills, passions, and resources overlap with the needs of your landscape and community.

Existing Farmers

Are you trying to figure out how to transition to more sustainable and profitable farm enterprises? We're here to help you discover what regenerative farm practices are best suited for your context, and give you tools and techniques for successful transitions.


Want to grow your own food and develop your regenerative homestead? We're here to help you plan, design, implement, and make your homestead dreams a reality.

Land Owners

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your land? Are you hoping to manage your land in ways that enhance ecological health, diversity, and productivity? We're here to share best practices and will help you determine the best options for your context.



Peter Allen and Lindsay Rebhan have been teaching Regenerative Farm and Homestead Design for the last eight years, evolving the curriculum each year to reflect the most updated knowledge and understanding in the field. Together they have over two decades of experience researching, designing, and working to restore and regenerate healthy, functional, and productive agroecosystems.




We will guide you through the critical steps necessary to create successful Regenerative Designs for the farm and homestead. This course includes:

  • Over 25 hours of lectures and presentations
  • Live Weekly Q&A Zoom sessions with instructors
  • Live interviews with leading regenerative farmers and homesteaders across North America
  • Flexible schedule
  • Lifetime access to Keystone Club - our private membership community for regenerative farmers and homesteaders
  • Design groups to help support and guide each other's design process
  • One-on-one design consultations

With this content, support, and community, there's never been a better time to launch your Regenerative Future.



The more you can define and your personal, social, and biophysical context, the more likely your plan will be to succeed.



Your homestead and farm is an ecosystem. Learn how to make it thrive.



Agroecology, Agroforestry, Silvopasture, Rotational Grazing, No-till. Learn all the tools in the Regenerative Farm toolbox and when and how to use them.



Enterprise budgets, marketing, market analysis - find your competitive advantage and choose the right enterprise(s) for your context.



Live lectures and Q&A sessions with some of North Americas leading regenerative farmers and homesteaders.



We'll break up into design teams that will guide and support each other as we create our new designs. Includes one 30-minute design consultation with instructor.

The Regenerative Context Workbook

Each student will get access to our Regenerative Context Workbook. We wrote this book as a companion to this course. You will have the opportunity to fill out your own personal workbook creating a unique and valuable resource to help you make sound decisions reflective of your values, resources, and vision.

Regenerative Case Studies

With each cohort we includeĀ  three new live case study interviews with regenerative pioneers from around the country. Each case study will include a presentation and Q&A session with one of our favorite innovative regenerative farmer and homesteader. This year we're excited to chat with:

  • Ben Falk, author of The Resilient Farm and Homestead, and founder of Whole Systems Design
  • Roxanne Ahern, author of Holistic Homesteading: A Guide to a Sustainable and Regenerative Lifestyle

Students will also have access to our archive of former case study interviews including:

  • Coppice Agroforestry with Mark Krawczk of Valley Clayplain Forest Farm and Author of Coppice Agroforestry.
  • A Permaculture Winery with mIEKAL aND of Beyond Vineyard
  • The Spiritual Dimension of Agriculture with Scott Hauck of Sacred Song Farm
  • Profitable Poultry with Luke Groce - Groce Family Farm
  • Regenerative Collaborations with Brandon Bless - Bread and Butter Farm
  • Elderberry Production with Natasha Simeon - Regeneration Acres
  • Virtual Tour of Mastodon Valley Farm with Peter Allen

Lifetime Access to Keystone Club

Keystone Club is our tribe of fellow regenerative homesteaders, farmers, gardeners, restorationists, land stewards, and entrepreneurs and folks becoming keystone species of healthy, diverse, resilient, and productive ecosystems.

All course attendees will get lifetime access to Keystone Club.

Private Social Media Network

No algorithms. No bots. Just good folks sharing what works, what doesn't, and learning from each other along the way.

Lifetime Access to Courses

We'll host all our courses in the Club, and you'll have lifetime access to this and all other current and future online courses.

Live Interviews

Join our live interviews with regenerative pioneers where you'll have the opportunity to participate and ask questions.

Regenerative Marketplace

A place for members to showcase their homegrown or home made products, and a place to find good things and support the good people doing it right.

Exclusive In-Person Events

We'll be hosting exclusive in-person events, only open to members of Keystone Club.

Monthly Calls with Peter

Join us as we discuss what's happening on the farm, in the world, and answer your questions about becoming keystone.

Regenerative Design Practicum

This is where the rubber meats the road. You'll create a Regenerative Design for your farm and/or homestead in a group together with fellow students. Then, you'll get a personal one-on-one design consultation with the instructors. This is where the magic happens.

"Peter and Lindsay were amazing. This course was invaluable and will guide me to achieve all the deams I’ve imagined and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in the reality of farming and homesteading."

Leslie R.
"Peter was insightful and inspiring. His honesty made the “permaculture dream” lifestyle become a reality for me. He explained the true hardships and rewards of this lifestyle."
 Andrew B.

“It was great to see Lindsay’s comprehensive designs. She is an energizing speaker and I appreciated the depth and breadth of her plant species knowledge and sharing her client’s diverse approaches.”

Stephen B.


Fantastic course! We would definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in regenerative ag principles as well as specific designs and enterprise plans. It was well worth our time and money and if you are serious about getting into regenerative farming then it is a great use of time and really inspired us and helped us get more clarity in what was really important. It was great to connect with other people who have this same interest and hear how they are approaching it. It was great to feel a sense of community with others and be inspired by that collective energy and the support of others who have the same dreams!”

Beth L.


If you arenā€™t completely satisfied with your Regenerative Farm Design Course, let us know within the first 14 days for a full refund. No questions asked.