Our Team



Peter Allen

Peter is an ecologist-turned-farmer and applies his background researching and teaching ecology and complex systems science towards the design, restoration, and management of diverse and agriculturally productive savanna ecosystems. He owns and operates Mastodon Valley Farm, a 220-acre regenerative farm in Southwestern Wisconsin where he has built a timber-frame homestead, planted thousands of fruit and nut trees, and grazes cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry across their fertile valleys, steep hillsides, and restored native prairie pastures. Peter and his wife Maureen grow all their family's food on their homestead and are raising some amazing children off-grid nestled in a grove of oak trees. Peter combines his background with over a decade researching and teaching ecology and complexity science together with a decade of experience farming regeneratively to provide unique and effective consulting and educational opportunities, helping people design, build, and manage diverse, ecologically functional, and economically profitable agroecosystems.

Lindsay Rebhan

Lindsay Rebhan is co-owner of Ecological Design, a woman owned land planning and design Company. A specialist in agroecology, land use, farm design and land management, Lindsay works with farmers, land owners, food nonprofits and organizations to increase the natural wealth of land over time. She is passionate about seeing land alive with life, livelihood, learning and nourishment. Lindsay is also a speaker and educator on ecosystem regeneration, she co-teaches an annual Regenerative Farm Design Course at Mastodon Valley Farm and a semester college course on Environmental Sustainability with HECUA at Lily Springs Farm. She serves on the grant review committee for USDA Beginning Farmer Rancher Development Program and is on the Advisory Council of Savanna Institute. 

She homesteads with her family in Somerset Wisconsin, in the St. Croix River valley, land of the Dakota, Anishinaabe and Menominee.